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Ternera gallega

The Ternera Gallega Protected Geographical Indication protects and certifies two beef/veal meat typologies:

It comes from calves that base their diet on breastfeeding, fodder cultivated at the farm and food concentrates with cereal of the highest quality.
Calves are weaned at different ages and their diet is based on fodder and vegetable concentrates.

Quarter - Traditional Meat Counter

  • medio-canal-de-ternera

    Ternera Gallega half carcass

  • cuarteo-bola ternera gallega

    Round Quarter

  • cuarteo-delantero ternera gallega

    Front quarter

  • cuarteo-falda-quitando-pierna-y-parte-de-abajo ternera gallega

    Skirt quarter

  • cuarteo-lomo ternera gallega

    Loin quarter

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