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Mature Beef

In Galicia, beef production is a big tradition. The autochthonous races living in this land and the characteristic breeding of these animals make it one of the most exquisite meats.

The loins of these animals have a characteristic yellow colour and their meat is of an intense red. They delight the most exigent palates and are present on the best tables not only at Spanish restaurants but also abroad.

Mature Beef

Loin Cuts - Traditional Meat Counter

  • productos_0004_entrecot-alto

    Top entrecôte

  • productos_0003_entrecot-bajo

    Bottom entrecôt

  • productos_0002_lomo-alto

    Top loin

  • productos_0001_lomo-bajo

    Bottom loin

  • productos_0000_solomillo


Round Cuts - Traditional Meat Counter

  • productos_0011_cadera

    Eye of rump

  • productos_0005_tapa


  • productos_0010_contra

    Silver side

  • productos_0011_babilla

    Top rump

  • productos_0009_culata


  • productos_0007_rabillo


  • productos_0006_redondo

    Eye round

  • productos_0008_morcillo


Traditional Meat Counter

  • productos_0013_medio-canal-de-vacuno

    1/2 Beef Carcass

  • productos_0015_cuarteo-bola

    Round Quarter

  • productos_0014_cuarteo-lomo

    Loin Quarter

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