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NovafrigsaBeef processing centre
Novafrigsa: the biggest beef processing centre in GaliciaNovafrigsa is the meat processing centre where Coren concentrates all the beef production coming from its farms. The preparation of cold and boiled meats is managed there too. Apart from that, it is also a ham drying plant with a capacity for producing over 700,000 annual pieces. These European pioneering facilities, located in Lugo, have 32,000 m2 of covered surface, being the biggest beef industry in Galicia with a capacity for 100,000 heads of cattle a year.

Mission and values

We generate wealth in a sustainable way by being highly competitive and keeping our unity.

Meet our values

Animal Welfare

Animal breeding with the highest comfort. Anticipation in the application of welfare European regulations.


More than 60 people participate in R&D projects. Strategic alliance with the Xunta for R&D 2015-2018 projects.


Controls in all of the steps of the production chain in order to guarantee the highest quality. Accreditations by independent organisms that endorse Coren’s processes and products.


Pioneers in implementing traceability systems. Control of every production phase, from the very beginning to the very end –when the consumer receives the product–.

Environmental commitment

Sustainable farming production. Modern environmentally friendly technologies in farms and companies.

Our Goal

quotes_open Offering excellent products to our customers quotes_close

Our goal is to put high-qualityproducts at the customers’ disposal. Therefore, we have not spared efforts or expenses and we have become a pioneer company in terms of food safety and traceability.

We work to develop, produce and deliver products of the highest quality by keeping an excellent quality standard. This goal allows satisfying the needs of our customers with a great general knowledge of food safety and quality.

Nuestro objetivo


flecha2 Product seals

We also have the following industry certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Suppliers communication ISO 9001 e ISO 14001

Quality, security and tecnology

We apply criteria oriented towards quality and animal welfare on all of the processes.

At the same time, we respect the guidelines of our daily work for guaranteeing food safety of the products and gaining the confidence of our clients and consumers. This compromise is translated into the comprehensive control and follow-up of all the processes and products.

Quality, security and tecnology

For ensuring the optimal quality of the final product and the individual traceability of each animal, data of origin are saved in our database and are later used in the product’s documentation and labelling.

We perfectly combine tradition with advanced technology

The high specialisation of our professionals, added to the cutting-edge modern facilities, represent the basis of our production process.

Cutting-edge machinery for a strict production process

The Novafrigsa facilities are equipped with high advanced technology that allows developing high-quality products with a strict and rigorous production process.


Learn about our Certifications

Co-financed projects

FEADER PROJECT (2019) – Technology improvements in Novafrigsa – Lugo.
PROYECTO INEGA (2018) – Technology improvements in Novafrigsa – Lugo.
FEADER PROJECT (2017) – Technology improvements in Novafrigsa – Lugo.
INEGA PROJECT (2017) – Energy efficiency in Novafrigsa – Lugo.
FEADER PROJECT (2016) – Technology improvements in Novafrigsa – Lugo.
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